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Free Yourself From The Inside Out

 The Journey Method Sessions on the Atherton Tableland

Counseling, Emotional Healing Sessions ♥ Online, or Face-to-Face

Herberton,  Atherton Tablelands, and Via Zoom.

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Journey Therapy Herberton Nth Qld

Emotional Health & Wellbeing

Are you ready to thrive, and set yourself free of the emotional baggage that is holding you back from awakening your boundless potential?

Natural relief for anxiety

Women's Empowerment

It’s time to liberate yourself from crippling self-doubt, limiting beliefs and disempowering patterns and ignite the transformative power that you were born with.

Journey therapy

Stress, Anxiety & Trauma

Are you struggling with stress, anxiety, low mood, or physical issues that prevent you from living life to the full?’ The Journey Method helps you embrace a life of ease, trust, and inner peace. 

What if you had the power to liberate your life?


Develop the courage to be fully authentic and true to yourself
Gain more energy, creativity, and purpose in your daily life
Awaken, and take action on what really inspires you
Learn how to create deeper, more fulfilling relationships?

If you value working with someone who is passionate about sharing this transformative work with others, from her own direct experience – Annie is the perfect facilitator.

All you need is the willingness to allow yourself to be vulnerable and gently supported while you allow your own body’s wisdom to guide your way ‘home’ .


The way of love is not a subtle argument. The door there is devastation.

Birds make great sky-circles of their freedom. How do they learn it? They fall, and falling, they’re given wings.”


What Is The Journey?

“The Journey is a kind and compassionate fast-track to one’s own truth. It’s impossible to get it wrong – there’s only ever one result, FREEDOM.”

                                                     – Sarah, Journey Intensive Graduate

The Journey Method is a potent, yet practical teaching that supports you to significantly transform and heal your life from the inside out.

Are you willing to roll up your sleeves and embark on an inner journey to free yourself from past traumas or experiences which have adversely affected you?

The key to freeing yourself from stored memories of hurt is through forgiveness – self-forgiveness and forgiveness for the person/people involved with your issue.

“Forgiveness is a gift we give to ourselves.”

                                                  – Brandon Bays

“True healing and lasting change can only come from within.”

–  Brandon Bays

The Journey - Free ebook by Brandon Bays

Understanding the Journey to Emotional Health and Wellbeing

♦ During the Journey Practitioner Programme and the training that followed, I gave and received numerous journey processes. I soon came to realise how I had spent a long time until now avoiding, suppressing, and distracting myself from, and basically running from my core emotions.

♦ The Journey Method teaches us to do the opposite approach. The contrast is, to gently welcome and acknowledge emotions as they arise, and to open into the core of each emotion as it comes up briefly and then passes.

♦ The drop down through the emotional layers continues to be guided until an expansive awareness that we can personally give name to – e.g. light, spaciousness, spirit/source.

♦ Emotions are pure and simply waves of combustible energy flowing through us. Babies and toddlers can teach us so much about healthy emotional expression. As an emotion arises, they fully express it in each moment and then another moment arises and another emotion is felt and expressed eg. frustration, surprise, anger, wonder.

♦ It is only as we mature that we begin to judge and label emotions as good or bad and then begin to ‘shut down’ or suppress our emotions in order to fit into society’s conditioning. 

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

Anais Nin

The Journey Process at Soul Wings Therapies


If you feel a call from within you to pursue the Journey Method with me at Soul Wings Therapies and “free yourself from the inside out” then contact me for a no-obligation introductory call, & we will take it from there.


Call Annie at 0458 509 822. You may pay online through the options below.

Solutions For Emotional Wellbeing in Nth Qld

What To Expect in a Journey Session

Basically during a Journey process you:

♦  welcome and open to your emotions and recognize associated memories

♦  drop down through emotional layers until you are resting in a peaceful, expansive state (Spirit/Source/light/love)

♦  connect with inner wisdom and guidance

♦  speak out unexpressed emotions to the person/people associated with these memories of times when you experienced emotional shutdown/turmoil

♦  release and receive forgiveness

♦  find emotional freedom

Essentially, a Journey Process is like a guided introspection, or guided meditation wherein you are invited on an inner journey of self-discovery to elicit and unveil multiple layers of emotion that are arising for you and in doing so, open your awareness and being to tenderly gain access to the glory of your soul.


Journey Process Testimonials

“If you take one step toward Grace,

Grace takes a thousand steps toward you.”

– Brandon Bays

“When I first met Annie, I was feeling scattered and struggling to make decisions. After one session of Journey therapy, Annie helped me to ground myself and find some clarity in my life. Annie has a calm and nurturing presence which made it so easy to openly talk and feel safe. When I felt overwhelmed by childhood trauma, I called Annie and was able to organise an appointment with her immediately/ Annie was so compassionate and safely guided me through some dark places. She is a compassionate listener and an excellent facilitator. I am deeply grateful for her support.”


“Annie is an intelligent, caring and genuine Journey Practitioner who will help you to discover what is holding you back and help you move forward in your life. 

The first thing Annie does is make you feel comfortable and safe. She has a manner which is so caring that you can’t help but relax, and she can really pinpoint the things that need to be healed. I found Annie to be very thorough, gentle with an ability to intuit what I didn’t know was there. I would highly recommend Annie for Trauma, Journey Work and counselling. She will help you to release old blocks, memories and find long term, lasting healing. My sessions with Annie have always helped me to move forward with my life with more freedom, joy and confidence.”
Prema Joy

“After receiving my powerful Journey Process, I have noticed a massive shift. I feel lighter. I have come to the realization that I need to take action and become the person I was destined to be and stop the self-sabotage and make it happen.  And so far, I am. Also, my connection with others seems to be softer, in that I feel I am giving more of myself to them. Maybe it is because I feel more self-assured and have let the barriers down. I feel both nervous and excited about my future. By trusting and surrendering to this Journey process, the most wonderful shifts have begun to happen. Annie is a natural at this-so powerful.”


Transformational Stories 


Brandon Bays The Journey

Brandon Bays – Founder of ‘The Journey’

Diagnosed with a basketball-sized tumor in her uterus, Brandon Bays, the internationally renowned author of The Journey, refused drugs or surgery and instead developed a unique, practical, step-by-step method of gaining access to the body’s infinite healing intelligence.

Six and a half weeks later, Brandon was tumor-free.

Her inspiring story is proof of the healing power that resides within each of us.

Annie Prowse – Soul Wings Therapies

Personally, I was led to the Journey Method teachings from my own direct experience with recurrent breast cancer.

The Journey method has taught me how to befriend my emotions instead of my deeply ingrained pattern of suppressing, resisting, and running from them, at all costs. It was a shock for me to admit that I had been doing the polar opposite of what was healthy for my optimal emotional wellbeing, since a young age.

Through this powerful inner journey of self-awakening, I have gained access to the emotional root causes of my breast cancer dis-ease and also, persistent hay fever. In doing so, I have learnt how to reset and free myself from self-judgments, self-criticisms, disempowering self-beliefs and fears. Through deep inner process work with the Journey Method, I gained a clear understanding of the tremendous healing power of forgiveness for myself and others.

The Journey Method has provided the key to my own healing, self-empowerment, emotional expression, and the freedom to be my own authentic self and to fulfill my true potential.

I feel like I have come home to the wonder of my soul and have been freed from the inside out. A deep passion has been ignited within me to share this profound healing work and to facilitate healing transformations in others.

If we have the courage and willingness to be curious and vulnerable to ‘get out of our own way’ and trust in the process of ‘letting go’
– the blessings that follow truly are life-changing and inspirational.
Annie Prowse

Journey Practitioner

Learn How To Say ‘YES!’ and Embrace Your Emotions

Watch the video as Brandon Bays explains:

We’re in the unknown, and we’re feeling fear and wanting to be strong. But we’re summoning a pseudo strength, not a genuine strength, and we start to feel small and hopeless when we’re running from our fear. Rather than from running or wishing our emotions away, befriend and welcome your emotions. Watch this video and learn how to say ‘YES’ and embrace your emotions.